Recycling in Primary 4

Primary 4 visited the Recycling Bus and learned about how the different things we recycle are used to make things like helmets, bags and even clothing. 

Light in Primary 4

Our topic in Primary 4 is Light and we have been learning about Sources of Light and Reflectors.  We did an investigation to compare different Sources of Light.  We predicted the outcome of our experiment before we started.  We closed the curtains, turned off the lights and made the  classroom as dark as possible.  It was fun to try and read a wor

P.5 Visit the Recycling Bus

P.5 visited the Recycling Bus and got to participate in an interactive quiz on the topic of ....... recycling!

Castles in P.5

As part of our STEM work P.5 have been researching and then building castles. 

Parents, keep an eye on Seesaw over the next few weeks to see the impressive creations that we have made!

Well done to everyone in P.5 for their ability to work as part of a team and for trying so hard!

P5 Design a Pizza Prize Winners


Well done to Ella, Abbie and Grace G. who were the P.5 winners of the 'Design a Pizza' competition.  The girls got to visit Dominoes and make their own pizzas - yum yum!

Well done to everyone else who took part - and thank you to the PTA for organising such a fun competition.    

Sweets Fun in P.5!

Sweets, Sweets and More Sweets!!!

P.5 have been writing descriptions this term and have used a variety of sweets to help with their thinking!

Read on to discover how we used our senses to write some brilliant descriptions.  We hope too that you will spot our use of rhyme or alliteration.....

Giants and Fairies in Year 3!

The children thoroughly enjoyed working in groups to complete this CEA task. The pupils started by drawing around the outline of a child from a different class.

Stand by me in P.5

In term two P.5 have been investigating the topic of Water through a variety of subjects but particularly through World Around Us.  Johnny from Stand by Me visited our classroom and told us about water filtration in Ethiopia - in one of the villages where we sponsor a school. 

Problem Solving in P2

Our Numeracy focus this year is Problem Solving across all areas of mathematics. Each week we are completing a different task which makes us think! We work in pairs or in small groups to solve these problems.

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