Litter Less

 Thank you to all who have helped and participated in the Litter Less Campaign.  The children have done a fantastic job in raising awareness about littering through their poster campaign.  With raising awareness of litter the children have also been involved in littering less, by encouraging each other to pick up litter dropped.

Fashion Show

Thank you to the PTA and school council who recently organised a fantastic fashion show to raise money for school funds.  This could not have happened without the support of local businesses: Jeanius; New Look and Tesco.  The clothes looked wonderful being strutted down the catwalk by pupils, staff and three unfortunate daddies.  There was a fantastic atmosphere on the night s

Trade Fair

P6 would like to thank Downshire Primary School for hosting  a Trade Fair in conjunction with 'Our World' Programme.  The children worked for a number of weeks with sixth year students participating in the Young Enterprise Scheme.  The children learned about importing and exporting and how countries need each other to trade with.  Children were able to learn

The Water Bus

A much overdue update of the visit of the Water Bus.  Children in key stage 2 were able to take part in lessons on The Water Bus.  Linking with our new Eco-schools topic the children were able to learn about water and how we use it, waste it and how we can use it most efficiently.  T

Spring in P2

In P2 we have been learning about Spring Time. We went on a walk around the school grounds looking for signs of Spring. We wrote fantastic stories explaining how we know it is Spring Time and the changes that are taking place. Today we drew Spring pictures on our school playground using chalk. It was great fun!


After School Clubs     Please note all After School Clubs with the exception of Choir will finish on Friday 4thApril 2014.  Choir will meet on Thursday 10thApril, 1stMay and 8thMay when it will finish.  Clubs will restart on Monday 28thApril for Primary 4 – Primary 7.&


Congratulations          To the Primary 7 pupils on the Transfer Results.  We wish all our pupils well as they now prepare to progress on to the next stage of education.

Dairy Council

The Dairy Council came and visited our Primary 5 and 6 classes on 5th February.  The children learned about the food and fitness balance and getting 1 hour's activity every day as well as eating the right amount of food from the five food groups.  The children discussed their diet and sport activities and were able to participate in a rap to help them remember what they learned



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